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Welcome to Double D Taekwondo! Started operations since 2021, all our instructors are koreans who have majored in Taekwondo in university. In addition, the co-founder (Head instructor) was a National Taekwondo Demonstration member.

Double D aspires to be the best Taekwondo school in Singapore. It is a golden opportunity to learn Taekwondo from world class instructors. Do not miss your best chance!


Master Choi graduated from Woosuk University Taekwondo Major and is a certified recreational coach and childrens physical education instructor. On top of that, He is part of the legendary kukkiwon demonstration team during 2012-2017, spear heading development of taekwondo worldwide.


Master Choi Dae keon

Co-founder of




Master Kim Dong Jin

Co-founder of DoubleD

Master Kim graduated from Woosuk University and Korean University Taekwondo Federation (KUTF) and have been teaching for more than 10 years in Korea, USA and Singapore. Being a certified coach, he have taught a wide variety of students ranging from 3 years old, working adults, retirees and even the Korean Army while serving National Service. He has multiple achievements which includes 1st placing in World Taekwondo.

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