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What will be tested for the Foundation Grading Test?

Foundation 0 (Applicable for Tiny Tots class students):

  • ' I can do it punch '  

  • How to attention, focus, discipline  

Foundation 1:

  • 'Cha-ryeot','Kyeong-rye' & 'Joon-bi'

  • First formation

  • Twin downward block (Parallel stance)

  • Belt tying

Foundation 2:

  • Punches - high, middle & low (Parallel stance)

  • Twin downward block (Natural stance)

  • Forward stance - moving forward & backward (with or without the aid of movement lines)

  • Bounce - clockwise & anti-clockwise ('Kyorugi Joon-bi' stance)

Foundation 3:

  • Middle-section punch (Horse riding stance) - slow motion

  • Twin downward block (Natural stance) and middle-section punch

  • Raising kick (Natural stance)

  • 4-direction stepping with the aid of movement lines (Natural stance)

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