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Uniform guideline

It has to be followed strictly or candidates will be disqualified from take the grading test. Both male and female candidates are required to wear their current level belt. 


It is compulsory for females to wear a white collar plain T-shirt that covers the collar bone inside the uniform. V collar or other color T-shirt will not be allowed. Additionally females with long hair is required to tie it with a black hair tie. Other color hair tie is strictly not allowed. Nail polish and accessories such as hair clip, earrings and necklace are also not allowed.


Meanwhile, males are not allowed to wear any kind of T-shirt inside the uniform.

*Sparring Equipment*

Starting from green belt, candidates are also required to bring their sparring equipment during the test.

- From Green Belt - Non Contact Sparring (Arm, Shin, Groin and Head  Guard).

- From Green Belt & Above - Contact Sparring  (Arm, Shin, Groin, Chest and Head Guard). 

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