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Poom & Dan Grading Test

From Poom/Dan Belt, local certificate can be converted to Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarter). Hence, students who decide to practice Taekwondo at other parts of the world will be able to do so at their current belt level. While the color belt grading test occurs every 3 months, the grading test of Poom & Dan differs and are as follow:

1st Poom to 2nd Poom - 1 year+

2nd Poom to 3rd Poom - 2 years+

3rd Poom to 4th Poom - 3 years+


The period between each grading test will increase 1 year or more subsequently

Hence, to ensure that students are progressing and on track to go for their next Poom/Dan test, there will be mandatory assessment test every 3 months. The assessment test will consist of:

1. Poomsae (According to the level)

2. Demonstration (Breaking)

3. Self - Defence

4. Contact Sparring (Required to bring all the sparring equipment)

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